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Sperloos Delta Tejarat Co. (SDT) was founded in 2010 with the aim of providing specialty rotating machinery parts to the local oil and gas industry. Today we supply and manufacture a vast array of rotating machinery spare parts and specialize in reverse engineering of obsolute machinery parts. Over the years we have created an archive of over 3000 drawings of OEM parts and this number is increasing every day. Recently, we have extended our activities to supply instruments and diesel engine spare parts. Our future expansion plans include partnering with well- established foreign companies to further expand our product lines.
Our strategy is to win the market with high quality products, competitive price and customer oriented service.
Products at a glance:
♦ Pump and compressor spare parts
♦ Diesel engine spare parts
♦ Instruments
 Sperloos promises:
♦ Continues quality improvment
♦ Creativity in production
♦ Best after-sales service
♦ Customer satisfaction



 ISO 10002:2004 
Quality Managment - Customer Satisfaction
Guidelines for Complaine Handling In Organizations


                 ISO/TS 29001-2010                                       
              Petrleum ، Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industries               
         Sector - Specific Quality Management Systems                   
         Requirement for Product and Service Supply Organization           

 We are licensed vendor for the following companies:

♦ Imam Khomeiny Oil Refring Company of Shazand 

♦ Iranian Offshore Oil Co. 

Petrochemical Kala Products

♦ Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Co.

 Pars Oil and Gas Co.

♦ Tabriz Petrochemical Co.

♦ Abadan Oil Refinery Co.

 South Zagros Oil and Gas Co.

Khorasan Petrochimical Co.

♦ Kala Naft Co. Tehran 

♦ Gachsaran Oil and Gas Production Co. 

 South Pars Gas Refining Complex

♦ Tabriz Oil Refining Co.

♦ National Iranian South Oil Co. 

♦ West Oil and Gas Production Co.





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